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Energetic and soothing massages

Member of the French Federation of Wellness Massage

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Who am I ?

I am a massage therapist. I practice in Cannes and around. I strongly believe in a holistic approach to the practice of massage. I seek to align my patients and promote wellness to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Always help, often relieve, sometimes heal

My Services
All these services are possible in Duo 

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Swedish Massage

Massage that circulates fluids from the extremities to the heart by varying rhythms, pressures and surfaces. This massage brings great relaxation, unclogs the tissues and leads to letting go.

Sports Massage

Sports preparation or recovery massage.

Work in pressure on stressed and painful areas after an effort

Massage for children

A moment of relaxation for our little ones to improve their sleep and help to manage their emotions related to age and their growth. The presence of a parent is mandatory.


I had the pleasure of an hour long massage with Isabelle. The overall experience was a dream. After an 8 hour flight her massage recalibrated my body and my mind. She's a delightful therapist. I could not recommend her enough.

Valerie McCabe

Superb moment of relaxation thanks to Isabelle who knew how to create a bubble of well-being and took care of my body and my soul with kindness. She pays particular attention to everyone's modesty, initiates an atmosphere conducive to letting go with relaxing music and pleasant oils and lets us release tension at our own pace. This time taken is a real moment for oneself which puts everything back on track. My husband and my mother-in-law also called on Isabelle and we intend to repeat this great experience.

Stephanie Bruneau

A passionate as it is rare to find. Fairy fingers that will manage to relax you as much as possible. Isabelle is a very professional person. It will bring you well-being and relaxation from the first moments of your massage. I recommend 100%

Alex Costa

Contact me 

2 avenue Renoir 06400 Cannes

Thank you for your message!

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